Monthly Archive: May 2013

bike to work week 0

Be Safe for Bike to Work Week

With the weather warming up upon summer’s arrival, we’ll be seeing more cyclists on the road. Biking is an environmentally-friendly and healthy activity that can replace the need to drive a vehicle! With the...

Tornado in an open field 0

Oklahoma Tornado: A Devastating Week

Earlier this week, a devastating tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma, impacting more than 10,000 families, many of whom were left homeless. The cleanup in Moore started shortly after the disaster, but progress was deterred after...

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month 0

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

In comparison to drivers in vehicles, motorcyclists are exposed to more road hazards because of their small size. To address this, May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month across the US and various Canadian provinces....

Rescuing Someone in Public 0

Rescuing Someone in Public

You are walking back to work from your lunch break when suddenly, a stranger collapses in front of you. What would you do? You’d be surprised to know that statistics show that the more...

Spring Gardening Hazards 0

Spring Gardening Hazards

The mention of spring inevitably brings images of spring flowers and gardening to our minds. Despite this, gardening is not limited to planting flower beds; it also means trimming trees and mowing lawns in...