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The First Cause for First Responders

The First Cause definition of First Responders includes police officers, firefighters, ambulance paramedics, front-line medical staff, sheriffs, border services agents, and military service members who respond to all manner of emergencies. As the name...

Running Safety 0

Run to Safety!

Running is an increasingly popular activity to keep fit and get the blood pumping! Whether you’re a casual runner, training for a marathon, or normally run away at the thought of going for a...

Summer in the shade 0

Sun Awareness Week

Ah the sun! After the severe winter that many had, the summer months can’t come soon enough. This week is Sun Awareness Week in Canada (June 2nd-June 8th), and while many of us love...

Happy International Nurses Week! 0

International Nurses Week

International Nursing Week has begun! Today, May 12th, marks International Nurses Day to kick off the great week (May 12-18th) ahead. This year’s theme is ‘A Force for Change – A Vital Resource for...